Jeff Donaldson

Internet Yami-Ichi 9: knits and prints; Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond Amsterdam, NL 2015
Impossible Architectures: VR installation; Urban Shaman Gallery Winnipeg, MB 2015
Game Art in the Knowable Space: interactive installation; CultureHub New York, NY 2014
Internet Yami-Ichi 5: knits and prints; Ateliers des Tanneurs Brussels, BE 2014
Glitch @TOKYO解放区 at ISETAN Shinjuku: knits and prints; Tokyo, JP 2014
Knit/Hack/Craft: knits; ETIB Berlin, DE 2014
Internet Yama-Ichi transmediale: knits; Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, DE 2014
DATABIT.ME: knits; Arles, FR 2013
this is our house / this is our rules / and we can’t stop: knits; Microscope Gallery Brooklyn, NY 2013
Dirty New Media: knits; The Barber Institute of Fine Arts Birmingham, UK 2013
Glitch Genealogies: video screening; Leap Berlin, DE 2013
ANI GIF 2.1: online exhibition; www 2013
Vector Game Art + Convergence: video and knits; Propeller Center for the Visual Arts Toronto, ON 2013
GLI.TC/H: 'n0tepad' collaborative web application with Daniel Temkin; Chicago, IL 2011
Bushwick in the Box: interactive video installation; White Box New York, NY 2011
Screengrab: video installation; eMerge Media Space at James Cook University Australia 2011
Bent Festival: textile & interactive video installation; 319 Scholes Brooklyn, NY 2011
It Was Just a Glitch - Hibaművészeti kiállítás: prints; Chinese Characters Galéria Budapest, HU 2011
Filtering Failure: video installation; PLANETART Amsterdam, NL 2011
PLAYLIST: interactive video installation; iMAL Bruxelles, BE 2010
PLAYLIST: printed wallpaper & interactive video installation; LABORAL Gijon, ES 2009-2010
READY > RUN: interactive video installation; Esther M. Klein Gallery Philadelphia PA 2009
Bent Festival: interactive video installation; The Tank New York, NY 2009
Square Eyes Festival: video screening; Arnhem, NL 2008
BITMAP: prints & video installation; Leonard Perlstein Gallery Philadelphia, PA 2008
Flipped Chips: video screening; Art In General New York, NY 2008
Playback: video installation; ARC/Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris Paris, FR 2007
Bent Festival: video installation; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY 2007
BITMAP: prints & video installation; VertexList Brooklyn, NY 2007
Flipped Chips: video screening; Gene Siskel Film Center Chicago, IL 2007
Flipped Chips: video screening; Galapagos Art Space Brooklyn, NY 2006
+es+ pa++erns: installation; Baltimore, MD 2006
Bent Festival: interactive video installation; New York, NY 2005
MACHINISTA: video screening; Glasgow, SCT 2004

Botborg with Scott Sinclair: ATA San Francisco, CA 2015
Botborg with Scott Sinclair: Turn!Turn!Turn! Portland, OR 2015
Botborg with Scott Sinclair: VIVO Media Arts Center Vancouver, BC 2015
Botborg with Scott Sinclair: Tritriangle Chicago, IL 2015
Botborg with Scott Sinclair: Red Room Baltimore, MD 2015
Botborg with Scott Sinclair: Panoply Performance Laboratory Brooklyn, NY 2015
Botborg with Scott Sinclair: Microscope Gallery Brooklyn, NY 2015
Fierce Festival Algorave: Birmingham, UK 2014
Ende Tymes: Queens, NY 2014
ESCHSCHLOPLASTIQUE w/Scott Sinclair: Berlin, DE 2014
Optosonic Tea: Brooklyn, NY 2014
DATABIT.ME: Arles, FR 2013
Cutlog: New York, NY 2013
H.O.P.E. Conference: New York, NY 2012
Blip Festival: with funding from FCA; Tokyo, JP 2011
Bushwick in the Box: White Box New York, NY 2011
Bent Festival: 319 Scholes Brooklyn, NY 2011
Microscope Gallery: Brooklyn, NY 2011/2012
GLI.TC/H: Chicago, IL 2010
Visual Berlin Festival: Tresor Berlin, DE 2010
PLAYLIST: iMAL Bruxelles, BE 2010
Second Hand Illumination: video collaboration with Antonio Cavadini; Fabio Paris Art Gallery Brescia, IT 2009
File: MAM Museu De Arte Moderna Rio De Janeiro, BR 2009
Lunchmeat: NoD Prague, CZ 2009
Open Spaces: PMgallery Berlin, DE 2009
The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival: Portland, OR 2009
American Museum of the Moving Image: Queens, NY 2008
RoCA: Rockland, NY 2007
Bent Festival: Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY 2007
Blip Festival: New York, NY 2006/2007/2008
Craptops Vs Laptops: Monkeytown Brooklyn, NY 2006
Bent Festival: The Tank New York, NY 2005

Knitted Textiles: visiting artist presentation; Royal College of Art London, UK 2015
Black Hole Club: presentation; Vivid Projects Birmingham, UK 2015
MeshCon: presentation; Technische Universität Berlin, DE 2014
Jon Satrom's Glitch Class: visiting artist presentation; SAIC Chicago, IL 2014
Knit/Hack/Craft: presentation; ETIB Berlin, DE 2014
glitch.Jam: workshop; Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Center Toronto, ON 2013
GLI.TC/H: presentation; SAIC Chicago, IL 2010
Visual Berlin Festival: presentation; Tresor Berlin, DE 2010
Experimental Animation & Video Art: visiting artist presentation; University of Oregon Eugene, OR 2008
Sound One: visiting artist presentation; MICA Baltimore, MD 2006

Every Day is Play: A Celebration of the Video Game: Matthew Kenyon Game Paused 2014
(Glitch) Art Genealogies: Rosa Menkman exhibition program 2013
Glitch Moment(um): Rosa Menkman Institute of Network Cultures 2011
Filtering Failure: exhibition program 2011
Artpulse Magazine: "gLossing Over Glitch: A Poetry Of Error" author 2011
Reformat the Planet: DVD documentary 2010
PLAYLIST: exhibition program 2009
File 8 Bit Game People: exhibition program 2009
Glitch: Designing Imperfection: book 2009

Jeff Donaldson 2015